The beautiful Ashley Almario and creatively inspiring Jason Greenspan come together to create NYC Fashion Feed.

We recently teamed up with the duo to explore the scenery of Manhattan’s Washington Heights. After linking at our HQ on Riverside drive we headed north for to spend the day exploring and taking photos. Our first stop was the 191st 1 train station with its famous graffiti tunnel.

At 180 feet below street level, it is NYC’s deepest subway station. It the early 1990’s, when crime in the city was at an all time high, this station was a hot spot for criminal activity. A 900-foot tunnel,  dim lighting, graffiti ridden walls and slew of garbage didn’t help residents feel any safer which helped to launch a beautification project commissioned by the Groundswell Community Mural Project, titled “New York is a Roller Coaster.”

The mural was later vandalized which paved the way for the art that stands today. The New York City Department of Transportation selected four artists and one team of artists out of an applicant pool of 150. Each mural is a 200-foot canvas on the arching walls of the tunnel. It makes for some crazy color, check out the images and time lapse below.


After exiting the tunnel we headed west to the 67 acres Fort Tryon park with magnificent views of the Hudson river, George Washington bridge, and NJ palisades, The Bronx and Harlem River.

The historic location was the home of the battle of fort Washington during the American Revolutionary war.  The park, a creation of John D Rockerfeller Jr,  and is also home to George Gray Barnard’s collection of medieval art housed in The Cloisters. We did some shooting at a look-out point featuring the George Washington Bridge but will certainly return the entire park is worth exploring.


With the help of Luke DiCola Productions, we were able to capture a behind the scenes vid. Take a look: