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Ronnie Fieg from Kith will be cracking open another collaboration with Coca-Cola this summer after the first one was released to a wild success.

The two brands couldn’t be more different, but the folks over at Kith have worked their magic again and brought the iconic style and flavor of Coke to a full on line of clothes. The first set which was mostly apparel pieces such as jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts and hats sold out quickly and now they are going for broke and taking the cap off the 2 liter bottles of style.

While only teasers have come out, so no official word on release date or full release quantity, it appears that a Coca-Cola style Converse Chuck Taylor will be on the way as well as some other pieces of clothing.

The Converse sit on an all white build with an embroidered and raised Coca-Cola logo wraps around the heel from the same ankle area where the class Chuck logo usually sits.

On Sunday, Nas posted a few shots from out in the Hamptons with Fieg and the rest of the Kith crew. Don’t be shocked if Nas ends up sporting the gear for their promotional release images much like Michael Imperioli did for its Bergdorf Goodman collection.

UPDATE: The full capsule will be available August 11th at Kith stores and online. The Converse threeway collab will be available for $150. 

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Below are a few images from the first collection if you would like to check it out to get a better idea of what will be releasing over the next few weeks. The first collection was much more styled in the fashion sense of those at Kith while it seems that the newest installment will have more of a vintage Coca-Cola vibe.