Tech company, Consumer Physics, is building a brand new product called SCiO. This is one of those innovations where you’re totally blown away by the technology. SCiO can scan any object and give you the molecular makeup of that object. What the… does that mean?

One of the first uses we see this for is scanning our food. Ever go to a food market and wonder how fresh those apples are? Ever wonder how many calories are really in that big juicy steak you’re eating? The SCiO can do that for you. Scan your food, send the data to the cloud, and the SCiO mobile app tells you the chemical makeup of that food. You can see the caloric, protein and sugar contents of any food you scan.

Check out this video to see it in action:


If you’re really interested in this technology, there is much more that this little sensor can do for you. Check out this second video that goes over other use cases for the SCiO. Not only can this be a useful tool for adults, it can ignite a culture shift in how our children learn about science. You’ll be blown away.

The SCiO is scheduled to ship in October 2016 🙂