screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-1-30-05-pmParanoid delusions and mechanical nightmares shape the world of Mattis Dovier’s animated short film, INSIDE.  Produced as a commission for Random Acts and in collaboration with It’s Nice That, the short is an expert example of creating an immersive story in a mere two and a half minutes.

Vibes are heavy right out of the gate as a deep synth pulses and builds behind a whispering voice over – intimate and foreboding. The 16-bit black-and-white animation moves with a heightened elegance of early Sega Genesis games and flashes with violent strobes that render the viewer paralyzed. The beautiful images combined with Seymour Milton’s compelling voice over and Mondkopf’s moody scoring prove to be the perfect trinity granting maximum effect to an ostensively minimalist project.

It’s a brilliant execution of style matching substance in a tale of humanity’s transformation into a robotic dystopia – at least from the protagonist’s perspective. The suggestion of an unreliable narrator leaves whether or not this corrosive shift is really happening or a manifestation of his fears wonderfully open for interpretation.

INSIDE is available on Vimeo. While you’re there you can check out some of director Mattis Dovier’s other work.