The 4K trailer of the upcoming Spider-Man movie is breathtaking and seems like the first depiction of the character to be a spitting image of the comic book hero by casting James Holland who truly looks like he belongs in high school. This is pretty essential to how Spider-Man interacts with his foes and will likely lead to more believable and, in turn, memorable on screen portrayal.  The latest trailer features music by MGMT which helps solidify the youthful theme that makes the comic books so fun to read, but takes a dark turn when Vulture, Michael Keaton, bursts onto the scene, letting Peter Parker know that if he gets in his way he will kill everyone that he loves.

You honestly can’t have a better trailer considering the perpetual kiss of death that the franchise had been given by everyone who chose to get involved after the first movie with Tobey McGuire. Check it out below.